Do High Quality Laminate Countertops Really Exist?

Do High Quality Laminate Countertops Really Exist?

Vanilla is fine in ice cream, but not when it describes your kitchen countertops. So many homeowners feel that their kitchen suffers from severe lackluster syndrome, but don’t have the big budget to match their big dreams.

There’s a common misconception surrounding laminate countertops that supports the idea that they are a low-quality, low-style, and an overall compromise. But in 2019, modern high-quality laminate countertops offer a world of new, durable, beautiful, possibilities. At Kauffman Kitchens, we design and build gorgeous kitchens — as well as craft our own stunning, high-quality laminate countertops.

Read our latest blog to learn the 5 laminate lies you shouldn’t believe anymore, as well as where to find the best laminate countertops available!


  1. Laminate Countertop Lie #1: All Laminate Looks the Same
    Like a chameleon, the best laminate countertops can adapt itself to compliment almost any design environment. Because of our high-technology printing specialties and on-trend design eye, we can create something that will blend beautifully with your industrial, modern, rustic, minimalistic, or farmhouse style.Modern laminate countertops come in hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from, so there is virtually no limit to the aesthetic of countertop you can have!
  2. Laminate Countertop Lie #2: Laminate Has No Texture
    You may think that nothing feels better than running your fingers over genuine stone countertops. That slightly chunky, raised feel of granite or quartz feels authentic with a hint of the upscale. This touchy-feely feature may have even been enough to deter you from considering other, manmade countertop options.But what if we told you that modern laminate countertops offer something so similar? One of the greatest things about our high-quality laminate countertops is that they abide by the SAME textured feeling!
  3. Laminate Countertop Lie #3: Laminate Looks Cheap
    If your conception of laminate counters hovers around outdated notions of faux stone and soggy surfaces, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised by the masterpiece that is modern laminate countertops. Through improved technology and higher quality materials, we at Kauffman Kitchens have been able to pioneer the local movement of better looking, longer lasting, family friendly laminate options.In addition at Kauffman Kitchens, one of the best praises we receive is when people ask us what type of stone we installed in this specific remodel, or have on display at our showroom in New Holland, PA. There’s nothing we love more than watching faces gasp as we inform them that those gorgeous local countertops are not in fact stone, but high quality laminate countertops!Everything from smoother, coherent edges to hundreds of design choices makes these the best laminate countertops available!
  4. Laminate Countertop Lie #4: Laminate is Outdated
    Common misconception thinks that all laminate countertops are simple tan monochromatic snooze-fests from the 70’s. But contemporary common comprehension knows that modern laminate countertops are all the rage right now.High quality laminate countertops are more than just an affordable alternative – they can be used to create some seriously stunning modern designs! That waterfall countertop feature you’ve been eyeing up after last week’s episode of Property Brothers is finally affordable thanks to modern laminate countertops! The gorgeous granite backsplash that your neighbors had to take out a loan for, could actually be done MUCH cheaper for a similar outcome. When considering an updated counter for your kitchen or bathroom, consider the best laminate countertops first.
  5. Laminate Countertop Lie #5: Laminate Won’t Last
    Laminate countertops won’t last? As if! Just like with any home improvement item, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last.Thanks to scratch resistant coating and present-day materials, modern laminate countertops can last up to 35 years – that’s longer than the warranty on most real stone sales! While water once proved to be a challenge for laminate, modern high-quality laminate countertops are installed over water-resistant wood pieces so they stay protected.

Why The Best Laminate Countertops are Found at Kauffman Kitchens

You could buy laminate countertops from any big-box store, but Kauffman Kitchens has a proprietary team and method to create the best laminate countertops around!

The big difference between us and them, is that our high-quality countertops are made with better colors and granite-inspired patterns. Being from the local area lets us learn what other homeowners are enjoying here and now, which allows us to provide new customers with on-trend recommendations!

Not only are Kauffman-made laminate countertops better in style, but also in quality! Preventing scratches and everyday casualties starts with our premier countertop coating process. We also build with water-resistant wood to help the material last several decades and minimize water damage.

BUT, perhaps the thing homeowners love the absolute most about our modern countertops is the price – it’s only about half the cost of other materials,


Explore High Quality Laminate Countertops with Us!

Kauffman Kitchens is eager to shatter your current conception of laminate and replace it with excitement towards the high-quality laminate countertops available.  But don’t just take our word for it – let us show you! Plan a visit to our showroom and see first-hand the best laminate countertops around.

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Roberto C. ★★★★★ Our experience was great. Brad Shuman did an excellent job designing our kitchen and helping my family in the selection process.Brian Turner, our project manager was very easy to work with. Brian addressed every single concern we had very quickly. He was very responsive to our questions and concerns and he sent people back to correct little issues we found or things my wife and I wanted done differently. We love the fact that he put a schedule together of what work was going to be done on each particular day and he kept his commitment.Overall, we are very pleased with our new kitchen. I would highly recommend this company!Leisel A. ★★★★★ I was extremely happy with my interactions with Kauffman Kitchens. Brian and Nick were super responsive to answer my questions and didn't make me feel any less important even though my project was relatively small. I would highly recommend Kauffman Kitchens to anyone.Cathy H. ★★★★★ I had another great experience remodeling my powder room after having a complete kitchen remodel 2 years ago! Everyone listens to your ideas & are very accommodating to what you are looking for! Very professional & quality work! Highly recommend for all your cabinet & countertop projects!Heather W. ★★★★★ We needed to have our kitchen counter tops replaced due to aging. Kauffman Kitchens did an excellent job from every aspect of the project including the initial meeting all the way through to installation day. We are very impressed with the accuracy, efficiency and overall product that Kauffman Kitchens provided. We would highly recommend them for your next project!Sincerely,The WiebnersBeverly C. ★★★★★ Excellent job repairing my counter. Would definitely use Kauffman Kitchens again.Kenton Z. ★★★★★ Kauffman Kitchens did a great job on our new cabinets and countertops! The salesman was VERY NICE and wasn't overly pushy as often those salesmen are; he had some very good suggestions and helped my wife and I get the kitchen we wanted! And sometimes we didn't know what we wanted, and he was even helpful there, too. We're very pleased with the workmanship and look forward to many years in our new kitchen!Yeah, they even came out multiple times to fix up little stuff that wasn't quite right or not exactly the way that we wanted it. They've been really cool, seriously.Brian G. ★★★★★ We have used Kauffman Kitchens many times great service and the install team is great. The Quality of the product is outstandingDon B. ★★★★★ Kaufman Kitchens designed, supplied and installed all my cabinets in my house. They were on time, professional and did a terrific job.Josh H. ★★★★★ Kauffman Kitchens did a great job with our Kitchen remodel. We replaced everything, and redesigned our layout in the process. We are very pleased with how the process went and the end result. Nick was there throughout the entire process to assist and answer questions.Tiffanie and Michael C. ★★★★★ Sherman H. ★★★★★ I had a complete kitchen remodel and it was such a pleasant experience working with Kauffman Kitchens from start to finish! I’m impressed with Nancy in the office to Nick that did the plans and to include all cabinet installers! I would highly recommend them for any kitchen or bath remodel! An A+ job!Crystal J. ★★★★★ Kauffman's installed our basement kitchen and replaced our upstairs counter-tops recently. They were easy to work with and, even when our counter-tops were on back order, they stayed in great communication and expressed their frustration over the delay as well (it meant a lot to us that they understood how a delay feels during a remodel) Overall they were wonderful to work with.H.K. ★★★★★ Nice showroom showcasing many different cabinet and countertop options. There is even a window so you can look into the shop where the countertops are being made. Everyone is very helpful, friendly & knowledgeable. Cost is very competitive and the quality is excellent. I would definitely recommend them for all of your cabinetry and countertop needs. We used them when we upgraded our bathroom, both cabinets and countertops, a kitchen in the basement & new Corian countertops in the kitchen. Everything went smoothly & was on schedule.Gary & Kay T. ★★★★★ Kevin M. ★★★★★ NIck was great, very helpful and patient. Cost and quality were very competitive in our search, would highly recommend.js_loader