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At Kauffman Kitchens, we can provide laminate countertop options to our Lancaster clients.

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Beautiful Laminate Kitchen Countertops in New Holland, PA

It’s time to forget the idea that laminate kitchen countertops are the outdated, low-quality, compromised solution for interior design. While they may have started out tan and tacky, today’s modern technology allows us to create luxurious textures, patterns, and colors that can satisfy even the most style-savvy homeowners. High-quality laminate kitchen countertops are more than just an affordable alternative to a great design – they can be used to duplicate pricy stone countertops and give busy homeowners a space that’s easy to clean!

The difference between our laminate countertop options and others is that we build ours in-house with a proprietary team and method for success! Because we’re native to the Lancaster County area, we’re able to gather feedback from what local homeowners and commercial property owners are desiring and design our laminate countertop options accordingly. With gorgeous veined, speckled, and solid patterns, we know that there is a laminate countertop option for everyone at Kauffman Kitchens! See some of our favorite laminate countertop installations by visiting our digital photo gallery or stopping by our new showroom in New Holland, PA.

Lancaster Crafted Laminate Countertop Options

Did you know that Kauffman Kitchens makes every laminate kitchen countertop we install? That’s right! We use the latest technology and our keen design eyes to craft locally made laminate countertop options for customers in Lancaster and Chester County, PA. Not only do we create visual masterpieces, but practical ones as well! The water-resistant wood we use helps the material last several decades while also minimizing the risk of water damage.

Whether you’re dreaming up a renovated kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or office, we’re happy to provide modern, granite-inspired laminate countertop options for your remodel. To learn more about our team, our process, or our pricing, contact us today!

Affordable Laminate Countertop Installation in Lancaster County

While homeowners and property owners love the aesthetic and low-maintenance aspects of laminate countertop installation, perhaps the perk they adore the most is the price! Laminate countertop installation and materials are about half the cost of other popular materials.

If you don’t believe that laminate countertop installation is as affordable as we say it is – check out this blog for more misconceptions you may be believing about laminate kitchen countertops too! Then, reach out to our team for a price estimate on your own project, free of charge and obligations.

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At Kauffman Kitchens, we’re big fans of laminate! From laminate bathroom countertops to kitchen islands and more, this is the versatile countertop material that we believe all homeowners should consider. When the time comes to get started on your next project, plan a visit to our showroom or give us a call to get inspired. Fill out an online form today to get a free, no-obligation quote on our laminate kitchen countertops!

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