4 Modern Kitchen Layouts with Islands That Will Transform Your Home

4 Modern Kitchen Layouts with Islands That Will Transform Your Home

Kitchen islands serve as versatile focal points, providing a gathering place for conversation and coffee, a workspace, and extra storage. Kitchen layouts with islands often use this strategically placed feature as the central decorative element in the room.

Your space doesn’t have to be large to include an island – in fact, the best kitchen layouts with islands are ones that accommodate all room shapes, floorplans, and styles.

A brilliant design asset, kitchen islands are a great way to separate work areas from family space without isolating the chef. Join us as we highlight four trending kitchen layouts with islands that will prepare you for your future kitchen remodel!

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Beautiful Modern Kitchen Islands with Seating

The rise of the “working kitchen” has made modern kitchen islands with seating a household staple. With an increased demand for multi-functional spaces, kitchen worktables are more than an extension of a dining table, they are a mobile work-from-home space, a homework nook, a morning reading area, and more! Each of the modern kitchen islands with seating featured in this blog make a welcoming gathering spot or a convenient pop-up office space.

Check out these top four kitchen plans with islands:

1. The Irregularly Shaped Island: Wide-angled islands are a stunning addition for larger kitchens. This kitchen island floor plan includes the wide v-shaped island with seats scattered to the left and right. The inner part of the island features a variety of drawers and cabinets for storage.

  1. The Island Pantry: Some kitchen plans with islands boast an asymmetrical or curved design, but what about the extra storage opportunities? Being clever and creative with design is appealing to the eye, but being practical and efficient to maximize your kitchen workspace is even better! Line the right or left exterior shelves with glass canisters full of dried goods and grains for a colorful look.
  2. All-In-One Dining Table & Island: This kitchen layout with an island features two different countertop materials to contrast the dining area from prep area. Entertain your family, friends, and guests while you prepare coffee, brunch, or a meal. This is ideal for small spaces that want to embrace modern kitchen island design.
  3. The Island With A Stove-Top: Craft your custom island with burners, a griddle, and plenty of seating space to entertain family and loved ones while you prepare meals.

The best kitchen layouts with islands often include seating, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests, friends, and family. These four modern kitchen islands with seating will make your home cozier and happier – and maybe even your food will taste even better!

Considerations for Creating Your Ideal Kitchen Island Floor Plan

It depends on the amount of space available in your kitchen, but by working with a professional remodeling company, you can design a kitchen island floor plan that increases functionality of the area. But practical design doesn’t need to forego style – stunning, sleek, or chic – kitchen islands of all sizes can improve the overall aesthetic ambience of the room.

Discover the benefits of large kitchen plans with islands:

Size: Large kitchen islands are typically more extensive, often ranging from 6 to 10 feet or even longer. They require more floor space.

Countertop Space: The best kitchen layouts with islands offer substantial countertop space for multiple tasks, such as meal preparation, baking, and serving.

Storage: They often have more storage options, including numerous cabinets, drawers, and sometimes even specialized features like wine racks or pull-out pantry shelves.

Seating: Large modern kitchen islands with seating allow for a spacious breakfast bar or casual dining area.

Appliances: Some large islands can incorporate appliances like stovetops, sinks, or even dishwashers, adding to their functionality.

Design Impact: Due to their size, large islands can make a significant design statement and become the focal point of the kitchen, as boasted in modern kitchen island design.

Room Divider: In open-concept homes, large islands can act as a room divider, delineating the kitchen area from the living or dining spaces. This is a common modern kitchen island floor plan.

modern kitchen islands with seating

Explore the contrasting benefits of small modern kitchen island design:

Size: Small kitchen islands are more compact, typically ranging from 2 to 4 feet in length. They are designed for kitchens with limited space.

Seating: Small islands may have a limited seating capacity, typically accommodating 1-2 people on barstools.

Design Integration: Small islands are designed to blend seamlessly into the kitchen’s layout, offering functionality without overpowering the space.

Space-Saving: The ideal kitchen plan with an island that has limited square footage prioritizes additional workspace without compromising flow.

Ultimately, the best kitchen layouts with islands depend on your kitchen’s size and specific needs. Each has its advantages, and the right kitchen island floor plan for your space will enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen.

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The Best Kitchen Layouts with Islands Crafted By Kauffman Kitchens

Ready to upgrade to a modern kitchen island with seating? Since 1987, Kauffman Kitchens has provided homeowners with stunning kitchen remodels. From brand new countertop installation to kitchen layouts with islands, Kauffman Kitchens’ reputation for excellent customer service and craftsmanship has made us the go-to destination for residential and commercial upgrades. We serve the following Pennsylvania counties:

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